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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and in line with our firm’s precautionary measures to safeguard the interests of our lawyers, staff and clients, we have taken a decision to suspend all internships until further notice.


When does Training take place?
For law graduates of Singapore universities, they must attend the Part B of the Bar Examination course held from July to December in the year that they graduate. They will then train for 6 months under a Practice Training Contract from January to June in the following year, and be called to the Singapore Bar in August. The time taken for training and courses is about one year.

For law graduates of recognised foreign universities without prior legal experience and who graduate in the middle of the year, they will undergo Supervised Training for 6 months from July to December. They will then attend the Part A of the Bar Examination course from January to April in the following year, followed by the Part B of the Bar Examination course held from July to December. They will next train for 6 months from January to June under a Practice Training Contract, and be called to the Singapore Bar in August. The time taken for training and courses is about two years.

What can I expect as a Trainee at Lee & Lee?
We recruit our Trainees with the aim of retaining them as Associates, and we do retain the vast majority of our Trainees.

Lee & Lee is known to have a friendly working environment, and our Trainees are treated and trained well.

Trainees will be assigned to the department that they are recruited for.

Trainees will be exposed to 2 of the 4 practice areas that they are supposed to be exposed to, namely, civil litigation, criminal litigation, conveyancing and corporate.

Trainees will be supervised by a Supervising Solicitor from the department that they are recruited for. All our lawyers listed as Partners qualify as Supervising Solicitors.

Our Trainees and Associates are trained and guided by our Partners including a Senior Counsel and about 10 Partners with more than 20 years of experience each. Our Associates are also given responsibilities early on in their careers like dealing with a corporate client, or acting as lead counsel in a trial on behalf of a litigation client.

Our Trainees and Associates are also exposed to a diverse range of clients with differing needs. We have many established and prominent clients. Given our firm’s reputation, we also attract many walk-in clients who are men in the street with legal problems or issues that they need help with.

How many positions are available?
We are currently looking to recruit about 11 Trainees a year.
Which universities are our Trainees from?
We have recruited Trainees from a diverse range of universities including Singapore universities, recognised English universities and recognised Australian universities.
How do I apply?
If you are interested in Training with us, please send your covering letter and CV to our Recruitment Partners, Mr Matthew Saw and Mr Julian Tay, at and Please state in your covering letter which department or departments you are interested in.
When do I apply?
Candidates who will called in 2022 and who are interested in Banking can apply to us now. Candidates who will be called in 2023 can also apply to us now.


Lee & Lee’s broad areas of practice offer a wide range of career opportunities for lawyers, paralegals and support professionals across a variety of specialist areas.

We believe in a firm culture which emphasises dynamism, diligence and teamwork. The work we handle is challenging and we take pride in delivering high standards of service – both to our clients, and internally, to colleagues.

Interested applicants should apply with a recent photograph and detailed resume (including academic results), current and expected salaries to

Professional Appointments

You should have a minimum of 1 to 5 years working experience and good academic legal qualifications. Excellent career prospects and remuneration await selected candidates.

Support Appointments

Positions are open for para-legals and staff to support lawyers in their respective areas of work. Applicants should have good organisational skills, initiative and administrative skills, and a minimum of 1 to 2 years’ experience working in a law firm.

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